Highlights of  Our warehouses:-

1.) Hassel free movement of commercial vehicles throughout day and night.

2.) Separate loading and unloading docks for each company.

3.) Uninterrupted power supply.

4.) 24x7 Securities.

5.) Ample of transportation facilities are available easily.

6.) Spacious warehouses with a proper ventilation system.

7.) Warehouses are developed as per vehicle standard.

8.) Maintaining the temperature of -18°C in cold storage rooms.

9.) Separate area demarcated for every company as per their needs.

10.) Our warehouses are following all the legal aspects.

11.)Premises are fully equipped with all the facilities e.g. –Generator /Borewell / Fax/ Centrally air cooled office / Watchman quarter / Easy approach from main sikar road etc.


Specialisation area in Warehouse Management & Logistics:-

(1) SAP implemented in 11 Organisations & running it smoothly.

(2) Implementation of ISO process across all companies

(3) Track record of Delivery in full & on time.

(4) Maintenance of FIFO /FMFO.

(5) Ensuring Stacking norms as per company norms.

(6) Maintaining all operational & compliance matters.

(7) Ensuring NIL stock Variance.

(8) Good housekeeping & maintenance of warehouses.

(9) We conduct internal Surprise Stock Audit.




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